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Evangelism in the Bible. These 4 videos explain the Authority of the church, the Oneness of the church, the Organization, Worship, & Name of the Church, and Sin and Salvation

CHRISTIANITY-6 - Why I Am a Christian

In Acts 11:26 the Bible says, “They were called Christians first in Antioch.”

Why are there so many Christians in the world today? And more importantly, why should you become a Christian?

Stay tuned as we let God's word answer the question: Why am I a Christian?

Why should someone become a child of God? Why be a Christian? What is it that that motivates and encourages one to want to be a child of God? As we think about this today if you're already a Christian, we want to ask why are you a child of God?

There are some answers that might be given to that would be incorrect to this question. For example, someone might be a Christian because of family pressure. Jesus said in Matthew 10:37, “He who does not love me more than father or mother is not worthy of me.” Maybe someone was pressured by family, or a husband, or a wife, or parents to become a Christian. Friend I can't obey the gospel, become a Christian because somebody else pressured me to do something I wasn't quite ready to do.